Document Legalisation - Algeria

Consular legalisation of documents in the UK and Ireland for use in Algeria

Documents issued in the UK and / or Ireland and intended for use in Algeria must be legalised in a specific manner in order to be valid. 

Here you will find out what the process entails and how to ensure that your documents have been correctly legalised for submission to Algerian authorities.  

Authentication of documents for Algeria

If you have any personal documents you intend to use for work or if relocating to Algeria, or any business documents for your business activities in Algeria, we will be happy to assist you with your translation and consular legalisation. 

This process is known as consular legalisation because documents must be certified and legalised by the Algerian Consulate in London. We legalise both private and commercial documents and will inform you in advance about the procedure required in your specific case. 

Types of documents that can be legalised for Algeria:

Personal: marriage certificates, certificate of no impediment (to marriage) criminal records, powers of attorney, birth certificates, university parchments, statements of results, tax declarations, etc. 

Commercial: export declarations, bills of lading, certificates of origin, tax declarations, company statutes, memorandum and articles of association, audit reports, financial statements, etc.


Legalisation procedure of documents for Algeria

First of all, was your document issued in the Republic of Ireland or the United Kingdom? 

As the Algerian Consulate is located in London, all Irish documents must be notarised first before being sent for consular legalisation. Our London office shall then proceed to legalise your document with the Algerian Consulate. We have offices centrally located both in Dublin and London, thus ensuring correct and efficient handling of the entire process. 

Is your document original or a copy?

Legalisation process may vary if your document is an original or a copy. Copies must first be notarised and only then can be consular certified to be valid in Algeria. Such notarisation or certification in Ireland or the UK is performed by a solicitor who would certify that the copy in question is a true copy of the original. 

Is Apostille sufficient for documents to be used in Algeria?

Irish documents can only be apostilled in Ireland and British documents only in the UK. Apostille is a stamp that may only be affixed in the country of origin. And while it is sufficient for a lot of the countries, this is not the case for Algeria. In other words, your Irish or British document would need to be apostilled first and can only then be legalised with the Algerian Consulate in London. We can manage the entire process on your behalf in our Dublin and London offices. 

What happens next?

Once your document has been notarised or apostilled, we shall proceed to consular legalise it in the Algerian Consulate in London. We strive to ensure the shortest timeframes, but it ultimately depends on the Consulate.



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