Document Legalisation - Egypt

Consular legalisation of documents in the UK and Ireland for use in Egypt

Are you doing business with Egypt, specialising in trading or shipping services via the Suez Canal or Egypt’s major cities such as Alexandria and Cairo? Are you working in import-export between the European Union, the United Kingdom and Egypt? Then you would most certainly need to consular legalise your Irish or British documents with the Egyptian authorities in the UK or Ireland to make them valid in Egypt.

Although the requirement is straightforward and clear, the process is multi-layer and may be time-consuming or even confusing. Before your document can be legalised with the respective Egyptian Embassy or Consulate, in Ireland, your Irish documents must be legalised with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Dublin and the UK, your British documents (including from Northern Ireland), must be legalised with the Legalisation Office in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. 

This is just one of the steps and additional services, such as translation, Apostille certification or notary public / solicitor certification may be required. If you are in doubt, we can assist you and take care of all the steps and formalities of your consular legalisation process.

Some of the documents that are most frequently consular legalised for use in Egypt are business and commercial documents, such as trade or any commercial certificates, powers of attorney, export certificates, shipping certificates, bills of landing, insurance documents, various dockets and bills, sales and procurement contracts and agreements, and many more. 

Do personal documents need to be consular legalised?

Various personal and non-commercial documents also need to be consular legalised to be valid in Egypt. Consular legalisation process timeframes are slightly shorter, as personal documents are often just one-page long and we strive to ensure the shortest timeframes for notary public / solicitor legalisation and / or translation, if required. Consular legalisation fee for private documents is also less. 

For consular legalisation, we deliver all documents to the respective Egyptian Embassy or Consulate by hand to ensure transparency, speed and clarity and that no document is lost or gone missing in the process. We assume responsibility for the safety of your documents and pay all the required fees on your behalf.

What is Apostille?

Before being consular legalised with the respective Egyptian Embassy or Consulate, your Irish or British documents might also need to be apostilled. In other words, an Apostille certification stamp will be affixed unto your document to make it valid in Egypt. 

Apostille stamp was introduced in 1961 as part of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents and serves as an additional proof of certification. It may be required for some commercial and private documents to be used in Egypt and we can arrange for both Apostille and consular legalisation in Ireland and the United Kingdom as part of a bundle service. Please contact us for a quote.



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