Document Legalisation - Libya

Consular legislation of documents from the UK and Ireland for use in Libya

Any documents, whether commercial or personal, which have been issued in Ireland or the UK will need to go through a legalisation process before they can be used in Libya. The process differs slightly depending on the type of document required and may seem daunting, however Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland provide a prompt and reliable service from start to finish.  We can arrange for the documents to be collected from you, and will return them to you by post or courier once all authentications and legalisations have been carried out, and they are ready for use in Libya.

Which type of documents need to be legalised for official use in Libya?

Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland provides a comprehensive range of services for all legalisation and authentication requirements for documents destined for Libya, both for personal and commercial use.  Personal documents include those which may be required for residence, visa, and educational purposes such as passports, civil status certificates (birth, death, marriage, etc), university degrees and transcripts, school reports, criminal records etc.  Commercial documents which need to be legalised include certificates of origin, certificates of free sale, commercial invoices, power of attorney, articles of incorporation, and any other commercial documents which are destined for official use in Libya. 

What is the process for the legalisation of documents from Ireland and the UK for use in Libya ?

The first step is ascertaining whether the document requiring authentication is an original or a photocopy. If it is a photocopy, Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland will arrange for a public notary in Ireland or the UK (depending on the country of origin) to authenticate the photocopy.

Commercial documents may need to be certified by the Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce or the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, and legal documents require proper authentication by the relevant issuing country’s Department of Foreign Affairs. Additionally, an authenticated Arabic translation of any document submitted for legalisation is required by the Embassy of Libya .

Once all relevant authentications have taken place, the documents will be sent to the Embassy of Libya in London for the final Consular legalisation. As Libya does not have an Embassy in Ireland, any documents issued from Ireland will also be sent to the Embassy of Libya in London.  All of the above steps will be handled by the London and Dublin offices of Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding Consular legalisation for Libya.


If you have any queries or would like to receive a personalised quotation regarding the legalisation of documents issued in Ireland or the UK for use in Libya, please do not hesitate to contact us at Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland so that we can help you further and provide a personalized quotation.



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