Document Legalisation - Syria

Consular legalisation of documents in the UK and Ireland for use in Syria

Although it has now been more than a decade of instability in Syria, life with all its administrative aspects and formalities continues as usual. Navigating though the processes and the paperwork required in these circumstances of uncertainty might be challenging, but we are here to help you, to share our knowledge and experience to make sure that your Irish or British documents are correctly prepared and legalised for use in Syria. 

What documents need to be legalised for submission to Syrian authorities?

At present, most documents translated, certified and legalised for use in Syria are private documents, such as birth certificates, death certificates, civil status and civil registry records, marriage certificates or any private documents that may be required for family reunification or other purposes. We do however also translate and arrange for legalisation, including consular legalisation in London of all types of documents, including private and corporate.

What is the legalisation procedure?

The first point to remember is that only translated, certified and legalised documents will be accepted by Syrian authorities as valid. It is thus extremely important that your Irish or British documents have been correctly prepared to avoid any delays and ensure smooth conclusion of any process you would have initiated. 

It is important to bear in mind that Syria is not a signatory party to the Hague Apostille Convention and it is not possible to have your Irish documents authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and British documents by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. 

Prior to consular legalising your Irish and / or British documents, they have to be translated, certified and legalised by a competent Irish or British solicitor or notary public. 

For your convenience, we will translate and certify your Irish documents in our Dublin office and will arrange for their legalisation by an Irish notary public or solicitor. We will subsequently pass the legalised, certified and translated documents to our office in London to perform all the consular legalisation formalities on your behalf. All British documents are translated, certified and legalised in our London office



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