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Legalisation of documents in the UK and Ireland for use in Thailand

Commercial and personal documents which have been issued in Ireland and the UK need to go through an authentication process before they can be legally used and accepted in Thailand.  This process can be referred to as Consular legalisation, whereby the signatures, stamps, and seals on the original document are authenticated by various official entities, before finally being presented for legalisation to the Consulate or Embassy for the country, in this case Thailand, where they are intended for use.

What is the Consular legalisation process for documents to be used in Thailand?

Once the Dublin or London office of Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland has received your document, we take over the full legalisation process from you, promptly returning the documents to you once they have been legalised.  If you don’t have access to the original document you can send a photocopy, which we will have authenticated by a Public Notary. This may include contacting the issuing authority for validate the authenticity of the document.

The next step involves submitting documents originating from the UK to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office for Apostille certification, which provides a certificate issued by the government confirming the document is authentic. This certificate in turn allows the document to be recognised when presented in Thailand.  Documents issued in Ireland will be sent to the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for Apostille Certification.

Once the Apostille Certification has been completed, as well as authentication from any other relevant authority has been arranged, depending on the exact nature of your document, the final step is Consular legalisation.  This involves the Embassy of Thailand in London completing the legalisation process by stamping and signing the documents, which enables them to be used in official capacity in Thailand. As there in no Consular legalisation service available in Ireland, any Irish documents are also sent to the Embassy of Thailand in London for Consular legalisation.  The full legalisation process can often appear complex, but Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland will handle everything for you from start to finish, returning your documents to you once all relevant steps have been carried out.

Documents which require legalisation for use in Thailand?

Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland handle the authentication and legalisation of both commercial and personal documents. Commercial documents which would require legalisation before being used in Thailand include Board Resolutions, Power of Attorney, Certificates of Incorporation, Distribution Agreements, Business Registrations, as well as other documents which will be used in official capacity while carrying out business in Thailand.  Personal documents which need to be authenticated include educational certificates, degrees and diplomas, passports, civil status certificates, bank statements etc.


Please do not hesitate to contact Docsbase Translation and Legalisation Services UK and Ireland directly so that we can answer any questions you may have about the legalisation of documents for Thailand, and provide you with a quotation.



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