Document Translation

Professional preparation of Certified Translation of Personal
Documents for the local and international use

Our Translation Process

We deliver much more than just Certified Translation. Our experienced team can advise
you how to prepare, translate, legalize and present your documents abroad.

The way we handle any translation project

is the same whether the translation is performed in-house or by one of our contracted translators. If a project requires the use of a team of translators, the project manager is responsible for the co-ordination of the team of translators. In each case a database of terminology and glossaries are built up and provided to all translators to ensure consistency throughout the project.

The initial request is received via any method the client decides A Project Manager (PM) is assigned to the project The PM liaises with the client to check their exact requirements, checks the source text for completeness and errors, confirms its acceptance and agrees rates and deadline

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Upon confirmation of the project, the following procedures take place:

A project plan is created and this covers all phases of the project along with a complete list of all persons responsible for every phase of the project.

The PM uploads the source text to our translation management system The PM assigns the project to the most suitable translator or divides it up between the most suitable team of translators based upon technicality, specialty and subject matter The PM is in constant contact with the translator/s and the client throughout the life cycle of the project



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