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Catalan document translation in Dublin

Docsbase Inc - Ireland Translation Specialists is the leading translations and legalisation agency in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Our translation company offers top-quality Catalan to English and English to Catalan Translations. Our team of talented linguists, editors and proof-readers are Catalan native speakers with extensive experience in translation and document certification services. We are located in the very heart of Dublin and can deliver urgent orders in shortest terms without the loss of quality. We even offer an express service where you can get your translations completed in a much quicker time period at only a slight increase in price.

We offer written Catalan document translations (medical, legal, general) and perform all steps of preparing your Spanish/Catalan documents, from translation itself with the Catalan translator certification (Statutory Declaration), up to further notarization or legalization by an Apostille stamp.

Documents legalisation is another invaluable service we offer. We have a vast network of solicitors and notaries working with us who can notarize your Catalan documents or documents prepared to be used in Spain. We also offer sworn Spanish/Catalan translations, consular legalisation of documents prepared for Spain and other related services.

We assist our customers with legalising Spanish/ Catalan documents at an affordable rate, the highest level of accuracy and within the shortest completion times. We will advise you on the type of legalisation you may need, whether it is a notary or consular legalisation procedure, as well as Apostille legalisation to make your Catalan translation valid in other countries.

By choosing our Catalan translation services, you are choosing the service of high-quality specialists who will faithfully reproduce your Catalan documents with the highest levels of accuracy and precision. Translation is our passion which is why we take pride in the work we do. You can always count on quality work from our agency.

We have elaborated an efficient 24/7 online customer service system that enables you to get your Spanish/Catalan documents translated and legalised wherever you are and whenever you need them without even coming to our office. You just need to email your scanned documents or send us the originals by registered post and the ready certified translation will be sent to you within a couple of days.

Catalan document translation in Dublin


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Document Translations is a specialised Translation Company focused on Certified Document Translations as well as notary and legalisation services.

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