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Educational documents

German CV translation in Dublin

Docsbase Inc - Ireland Translation Specialists is a Dublin based translation agency that offers the most competitive prices for translations in Ireland. We provide the highest quality translations at the most affordable prices for German to English and English to German documents. While we translate anything and everything, we routinely translate career related documents like CV’s or resumes. Generally, German to English resumes will cost around 20 euro per page, but that could change depending on complexity and quantity. We offer discounts for large orders and repeating customers.

Why is a certified translation of your CV important? If you are applying for jobs in Ireland, you will need to submit application materials in English. Given Dublin’s rise as a leading tech destination in Europe, we have seen a big increase in CV translations among other documents like diplomas, transcripts and cover letters. Employers will ask not only for an English version, but often times they will require a certified translation. We can provide that service. Whether the employer asks for a certified version or not, you will need the most accurate, professional translation possible. When it comes to formatting, we will keep the translation as similar to the original as possible. We will as localise the translation to make sure it us in line with industry expectations.

How do we provide high quality translations at such affordable prices? We have in-house German and English translators. That means we know what we are getting from our translators: a reliable, accurate translation. It also means that we have the quickest completion times. Hand picking our in-house translators has given us flexibility when it comes to areas of expertise. We make sure that we always have a diverse range of areas of specialisation amongst our translators. We will assign your CV based on your job experiences so that the proper terminology is used. This is an important, yet often overlooked, aspect of translation.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you. Send us an email with details about what you would like to have translated. Make sure to also attach your document so that we may provide you with a quote, including price and completion time. We look forward to working with you!

German CV translation in Dublin


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