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Educational documents

Educational documents

Educational documents

German Education Documents translation in Dublin

Docsbase Inc - Ireland Translation Specialists is the leading translation agency in Dublin. We specialise in translations from German to English and vice-versa. We translate any and every type of document including personal documents, business/corporate documents, IT/Technical and much more. One area that we have translated a lot in the past and continues to grow is the translation of education related documents, especially those in German and English. More and more, students are choosing to study internationally, whether it be in countries within the EU, in Canada or the US. What has given rise to this? International programs have been giving instruction in English, effectively opening doors to a whole new population of English speaking students. As a result, a demand for certified translations of academic documents has arisen.

The translation of German educational documents can cost as little as 20 euro per page. In general, German to English and English to German documents costs around this same price, but are subject to change due to complexity. For example, a diploma is an easier translation than a medical document. We are equipped to handle all documents related to education or that might be required for an application to universities or colleges. This includes diplomas, transcripts, credit information pages, cover letters, resumes, apostilles and more.

It is essential that you get your translations done by a professional translation agency. In order to have the best chance of gaining acceptance into your desired program, you should present the most accurate and professional translations. Don’t let a poor translation be the reason you get rejected! We have in-house translators who are native speakers of German and English. All of our translators are trained linguists and have years of experience on the job. Furthermore, we have offices in many English speaking countries as well as a location in Munich. This makes us uniquely qualified to hand these types of orders.

Order with today. Send us an email with a detailed description of what you service you need. Make sure to attach a scan or image of the document you wish to have translated. We will provide you will a quote including price and completion time. From this scan, we can complete the translation and then post you a hard copy. You don’t have to pay extra for the post because we include it as a complimentary service. If you would rather come into the office to pick it up, we will be happy to see you in person.

German Education Documents translation in Dublin


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