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Educational documents

Educational documents

German University Certificate translation in Dublin

Docsbase Inc - Ireland Translation Specialists

We offer translations of German University Certificate for only 20 euro. Based out of Dublin, is the leading translation agency for documents from German to English and English to German. In general, these types of translations cost 20 euro per page, but can vary depending on complexity. While we can translate anything and everything, we commonly translate university and college degree certificates or diplomas. In fact, we are experts in translating anything related to educational documents including transcripts, resumes, cover letters, and more.

If you graduated from a university in Germany but plan to study abroad at an English language university, you will need your university certificate translated. Whether you are applying to schools in Ireland, Australia, Canada, the United States or to any English language program, we can help. We can even localise your documents to match the terminology used in each country. Or, we can translate in general, neutral English. We have native in-house German and English translators, meaning we can control completion time and guarantee quality.

Why do you need a profession translation? Don’t let a bad translation be the reason you are not accepted to a university. We provide the most accurate, affordable translations in Ireland. We can also keep the same format as the original so the appearance remains consistent. Often, universities will only accept translations done by a professional translating agency or by a university. A self-translation can be viewed as compromising the accuracy of the content, even if mistakes are made unintentionally. Our certified translations are guaranteed to be accepted.

Order with today. Send us an email with a detailed description of what you service you need. Make sure to attach a scan or image of the document you wish to have translated. We will provide you will a quote including price and completion time. From this scan, we can complete the translation and then post you a hard copy. You don’t have to pay extra for the post because we include it as a complimentary service. If you would rather come into the office to pick it up, we will be happy to see you in person.

German University Certificate translation in Dublin


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