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Educational documents

Educational documents

Spanish University Degree translation in Dublin

Docsbase Inc - Ireland Translation Specialists is a professional translation and legalisation agency based in Dublin. We provide certified translations of any and every type of document. We consider ourselves specialists in Spanish translations, as we have numerous in-house Spanish and English translators. We also routinely translate education related documents from Spanish to English and vice-versa. If you graduated from a university in Spain or any Latin American Country and are looking to either pursue postgraduate studies or enter the global job market, you will need a professionally translated copy of your university degree, in addition to other education related documents. Fortunately, we can provide you with this service.

It doesn’t matter if you graduated yesterday or thirty years ago, it will be necessary to translate your Spanish undergraduate degree materials if you are looking for jobs in Ireland. Here in Dublin, employers expect resumes, cover letters, and diplomas to be in English. The same goes for universities. Dublin is full of postgraduate universities and programs, all of which expect English versions of transcripts, diplomas, cover letters and any other education materials. Even if you are applying in Europe, many international universities and employers use English as their working language as it is becoming more and more the mutual language for European residents to communicate. The best option is to get your translation done here in Dublin with a local company that understands English language expectations.

We have translated university degrees from countries like Spain, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and more. We are so familiar with university diplomas that we are confident that we can translate it in 24 hours or less. If you need it more urgently than that, we can provide an express service that will complete the order in an hour.

Contact today to find out how we can assist you in your translation. Whether you are looking for a job or plan on applying to universities, we can make sure your Spanish diploma will be accepted. Send us an email detailing what you need done and make sure to attach your diploma. We can complete the translation for this attachment and post you the hard copy. It is that easy!

Spanish University Degree translation in Dublin


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