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Employment Documents

Employment Documents

Contract of Employment translation in Dublin

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Based out of Dublin, is the leading translation agency in Ireland. While we pride ourselves on our ability to translate anything and everything, we specialise in employment and legal documents. Whether you are a job seeker and have moved to Ireland from abroad or you are a foreign business that is looking to open up a new location in Ireland, we can help you. For job seekers, you will need to provide various employment documents. These will be required by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) when applying for a visa or work permit, including a green card. These documents may include fitness for work documents, income statements and proof of work statements. For corporations and businesses, there are countless documents you will need to submit in order to be “legal” here. One document that will be necessary for both job seeker and employer is the contract of employment.

A contract of employment is an agreement between employer and employee that sets the terms and conditions for the service of the employee. This includes payment, benefits, rules and much more. It is the essential document establishing the relationship between the two parties. Having an accurate translation is invaluable for both employer and employee. For employers new to Ireland, we can help translate current contracts exactly as they are. Or, we can translate current contracts to meet the standards and laws of Ireland. For foreign freelance or contract workers, we can translate contracts to English so that you may use them without trouble in Ireland.

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Beside contracts of employment, we can help you with all employment-related translations of employment documents and proof of employment statements. We also offer a dedicated service for CV or resume translations, as well as cover letters. Our certified translators are qualified in a wide range of European, North African and Asian languages – contact us today to see if we can translate employment documents for you. Our in-house notary can legalise all your employment and other immigration documents, so that your employment documents will be accepted as legal and valid here in Ireland.

Contract of Employment translation in Dublin


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