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Cover Letter translation in Dublin

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If you are applying for a job in Ireland, but are from a different country, you will need to get your cover letter translated to English. has the solution: we provide professional cover letter translations for only 20 Euro. We also provide translations of other job-related documents and, in general, it will cost around 20 euro a page. There are factors that can change the price. For example, a more complex document will raise that costs. If you have a very large order or are a repeating customer, you could be eligible for a discount. Continue reading to learn more about how can you help you today.

Thanks to Dublin’s rise as a tech destination, we have seen a rise in the number of international employees and employers. For those job seekers who are not from an English-speaking country, this has meant a need to translate employment documents. If you are from a different country and are applying for a job in Ireland, you will have to present all your application materials in English. It is absolutely necessary that these be accurate, professional translations. Even if you are completely fluent in English, you should not do your own translation as it could compromise the integrity of your documents. Let do the work for you. Not only are our translations of the highest quality, we also will keep formatting the same in order to maintain consistency in presentation.

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Don’t just stop at a cover letter we can translate all your application materials to give you a complete and professional application in English. We routinely translate transcripts, diplomas, CV’s, resumes and more. We also provide certification and legalisation services if the requesting authority requires it. We pride ourselves on not only our accuracy, but also our diverse range of languages that we translate. No matter what language your documents are written, we can translate it! Our certified translators are qualified in a wide range of European, North African and Asian languages – contact us today to see if we can translate employment documents for you. Our in-house notary can legalise all your employment and other immigration documents, so that your employment documents will be accepted as legal and valid here in Ireland.

Cover Letter translation in Dublin


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Document Translations is a specialised Translation Company focused on Certified Document Translations as well as notary and legalisation services.

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