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German Passport Translation in Dublin

Docsbase Inc - Ireland Translation Specialists

Based in Dublin, offers the most affordable and accurate translations for German documents going into English and vice-versa. How do we do this? Two of our major offices are in Dublin and Munich and, in addition to our bi-lingual staff, we also have both German and English native in-house translators. Of the German documents we most often translate, the passport is one of the most common. This is due to the importance of passports when applying for student visas, work visas, naturalisation, and more. Even if you are not applying for anything at the moment, it is always a good idea to have a certified copy of your passport ready to use.

Like most vital documents, we can complete passport translations in a day. Why is this? We have been translating German passports for so long, we are extremely familiar with their terminology. We have a general template for passports and then can apply the client’s specific information and make any changes that don’t conform to the template. If you require an urgent translation of your passport, we have an express service for only slightly more. This is our same accurate translation service, but we can promise a completion time in around an hour!

Certify and Legalise your German Passport right here in Dublin
While all of our translations are completely certified and in compliance with our quality management system, the requesting authorities may ask that you certify it in a specialised way. We can provide certifications by Notary Public and by Solicitor for the best prices in Ireland. If you require legalisation for your original document, we can provide those services as well. We offer legalisation by Apostille, as well as Consular Legalisation. Make sure to ask the German or Irish authorities what type of legalisation you need, if any. If you are having a hard time figuring out exactly what you need, ask us! We have been preparing Lithuanian divorce certificates for all types of uses over the past decade.

Trust to hand all your German language documents. Not only do we translate and legalise documents, we also prepare them. We can prepare German legal documents like Power of Attorney and Letters of Consent, among other things. We can also translate these documents if you already have a draft. We provide the most comprehensive services for German documents. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you!

German Passport Translation in Dublin


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