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Docsbase Inc - Ireland Translation Specialists is Dublin based, international translation and document legalisation agency providing the best prices in Ireland and the UK. If you worked, studied or are from a foreign country but are seeking employment in Ireland, you will need to provide various employment documents throughout the application process. Some documents will be required by the employer while others will be required by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) when applying for a visa or work permit, including a green card. Some of these documents may include fitness for work documents, income statements and proof of work statements. Some documents required by the employer include university transcripts, resumes, cover letters and reference letters.

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A reference letter, also commonly known as a letter of recommendation, is a vital aspect of a job application. Nowadays, it seems that there is not a job opening that does not require one. Indeed, when it comes to getting a job, an important reference letter can put your name at the top of an employer’s list. If you studied at a university in a different country, you may need a professor’s reference letter translated to English. Similarly, if your former job was in a non-English speaking country, you will need your boss, supervisor or former co-worker’s letter of recommendation in English. Most employers will not accept self-translations, as it could potentially compromise the integrity of the document. Hiring a professional translation agency is the best option to guarantee an accurate, presentable translation. is the leading translating agency when it comes to employment related documents as we have countless years of experience providing this type of service. can translate every necessary document for your employment application, guaranteeing a complete application that will be accepted by the requesting authority. While a reference letter may not necessarily need a special type of certification or legalisation, some of your other documents might. We provide certification by Notary Public and by Solicitor. Thanks to our close working relationships with both, we can provide these services at the best prices. If you need legalisation by Apostille or a Consular Legalisation, we can also help. These are difficult, time-consuming process. Our legalisation team can do the hard work for you. If you are unsure as to what you need, ask us! E-mail or call us to get your translation started today.

Reference Letter Translation in Dublin



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