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Our company uses internal quality control procedures based on the bespoke system developed by our Swiss office.
We have implemented this system in all of our offices, so we can guarantee the very best service.

How to Pay for your Certified Translations – DocsBase Ireland

At DocsBase Translation Services, we offer the most cost effective rates for fully certified translations in Ireland and Europe. However, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home or office to avail of our services! Due to our online payment system and our top quality translation method, we can take care of your projects no matter where in the world you are located and still ensure the most cost effective rates.

Ways to Pay for a Certified Translation in Ireland

In Person
We are always delighted to welcome our clients to our offices here in Dublin or Cork and you can make payment in cash or by cheque. Most of our customers prefer the online method but if you are in the vicinity, we would be more than happy to see you.

Did you know? Our company provides the fastest, most cost effective document legalisation services between Ireland and the United Kingdom. Call our one of our Irish Offices today to find out more.


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In these fast paced times, the easiest way to make payment is online via PayPal, bank transfer or with a credit card link. We accept all major credit cards. If you could take a screenshot of the payment once it is completed and email it to us, it means that we can process your order immediately instead of waiting for funds to hit our accounts. We also accept payments through other online services such as Skrills and Interac. If you have any queries regarding online payments, let us know as this is the most common way we receive payments and we would be happy to give you some guidance and advice regarding same.

Overseas Payments for Translations

Being an international agency we understand better than most how bad some of the conversion rates are which are offered by some companies, if you are based overseas and are worried about this, depending on where you are located, we can issue a payment request in your own currency! That is one of the benefits of dealing with an international company. We have offices in the UK, the US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Each one of our offices all over the world is in continual communication. Although we may be thousands of miles away it always feels like we are in the office next door.


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