Certified Translations Apostille on Arabic Documents and Translations

Certified Translations  Apostille on Arabic Documents and Translations

What is Apostille certification?

The Apostille certification is a special stamp issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dublin for any document prepared and/or certified in Ireland in a foreign language, and may be stamped directly onto the document or attached to it. The Apostille stamp authenticates the identities of all signatures of any person on the document, including that of the declarant, witnesses, translator and the authority issuing the translation. It also attests to the country of origin of the document and the conditions under which the document has been signed. Most commonly, a notarized translation will need to be issued with an Apostille stamp to authenticate the signature of the notary and certify that they are registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Do my Arabic documents require Apostille certification?

If your documents or translations need to be considered as legal and official in any country signed up to the Hague Convention of 1961, these countries may require that the documents be issued with Apostille certification in the country in which the document has been prepared. For example, documents such as birth or marriage certificates in Arabic which have been produced in Ireland and are destined for use in any foreign country must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dublin for certification by Apostille stamp.

Most documents are translated prior to certification, and the translation issued with the Apostille stamp. However, it is also possible to translate an original document after it has been issued with an Apostille stamp. Please click here for our range of Arabic translation services.

Obtaining Apostille certification can be both time consuming and expensive as it involves transport of the document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dublin, as well as all the prior certification and notarization. Let us save you time, money and inconvenience – simply send your documents to us and we will do everything for you, for the most competitive prices in Ireland! We will ensure your documents are safe and treated with the utmost confidentiality at all times. Please click here for more information on our range of document and translation certification services, and here to see a list of our competitive prices.

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