Certified Translations Arabic Document Certification Service

Certified Translations  Arabic Document Certification Service

Our translation agency has a long-standing partnership with Irish solicitors and a registered Notary Public. We can issue your document with a range of certifications and legalizations whilst ensuring the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality at all times.  

Arabic Translation Certification

By the translator

Our dedicated, certified Arabic translator will certify that the translation is true to the original and is an accurate Arabic to English or English to Arabic translation. The price of this certification is included in the cost of the translation; an extra charge may be levied if additional certified copies are requested.  

By a solicitor or notary

This certification is to attest to the authenticity of the certification issued by the translator. He signs the translation which is attached to a copy of the original document and to a statutory declaration in the presence of a solicitor, who then certifies this signature.  

Notarization of Arabic Translations

If you wish your translated document to be used in a country in which Arabic is not the official language, you may need to avail of our notarized translations service. The translation is issued with the stamp of a registered notary public, which is required by many authorities abroad for the document to be recognised as legally valid. Please click here for a list of our competitive prices.  

In our experience, notarized translations of documents including adoption certificates and legal contracts require Apostille certification before they can be considered as legal in foreign countries. Please click here for more information, and contact us for a free consultation to decide whether this service is appropriate to your needs.  

Legalization of Arabic Documents

In this certification type, a solicitor or registered notary attests that the document has been prepared, translated and/or certified in Ireland. Document legalization also authenticates the signatures of any person on the document, including the declarant, witnesses and translator.  

True Copy of the Original Certification

In some cases, the copies of the original document may need to be certified to attest to their authenticity and accuracy to the original. Most authorities will require certification of copies of the original by a solicitor.  

It takes a great deal of experience to appreciate the complexities of foreign legal systems, and the many types of certification required of different documents by different authorities. It can also be a time-consuming and frustrating task to obtain the necessary certification! Let us take all the hassle out of all your document certification and legalization needs, including translation of the document prior to certification. We are unique in Ireland in offering free consultations on our range of certification services and can also contact the relevant authorities direct to ensure you receive the most appropriate certification type in the fastest time possible.



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