Certified Translations - Arabic Translation and Document Preparation Services

Certified Translations  - Arabic Translation and Document Preparation Services

Our most popular services include written Arabic to English and English to Arabic translations. All translated documents are additionally proofread by a specialist in the subject matter of the document who is a native speaker in the language into which the document has been translated. Your document will be flawless when translated by us. We are experienced in translation of all document types including adoption certificates, legal contracts and civil documents such as marriage certificates and birth certificates, detailed below. Please select the links below to go directly to that part of the page.

Arabic technical, legal and economic documents.

Specialist translation including literary and website text.

Translation of Arabic or English civil or personal documents.

Support services, including document preparation, formatting, editing and proofreading.

1) a. Arabic technical translations

Our experienced translators can provide you with precise, accurate translations of any Arabic technical document including scientific texts, raw materials and equipment catalogues, repair and instruction manuals. We can also maintain full formatting of your document including positions of figures and captions, saving you time and money. We only ask that you provide us with a glossary of any terms specific to the subject area to ensure the most accurate translation.  

b. Arabic legal translations

Our dedicated translator has an extensive knowledge of all language pertinent to the legal and justice systems in all Arabic-speaking countries. We can translate any legal document including court decisions, appeals, legal contracts, affidavits, statutory declarations and power of attorney documents.  

Your legal translations may require certification by notary or Apostille stamp – please click here for more information on our notarization and certification services, and here for more information on our Apostille legalization service.

c. Arabic economic translations

We possess knowledge of all terminology specific to the financial and economic sectors of all Arabic-speaking countries, including Accounting Standards, Insurance and Financial Services. We can translate your bank, income, audit or PAYE statements; loan agreements; audit committee and annual reports; P60 forms; company registration certificates; investment and annual memoranda.

2) Specialist Arabic document translation

Although a common translation is most appropriate for most document types, some documents require special translation to retain the literary style and individuality of the original. These include literary texts, books and magazine articles; text for websites; promotional and marketing materials amongst others. If you are unsure which translation style is right for you, please email at

3) Arabic civil and personal documents

This includes translation of all civil documentation such as passports; diplomas; educational award certificates; birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates as well as certificates of adoption. We can also provide professional, confidential translations of private documents including personal correspondence.

4) Support Services for Arabic Documents

Your documents may require additional services, particularly if they are to be used abroad. These include:

Proofreading and formatting, including maintenance of grids, tables, figures and review comments. Ensure your document is word and picture perfect!

Validation of a translation prepared by yourself or another agency; this will enable us to certify the document and perform any of our legalization services.

Notarized translations.

Certification of true copy of the original.

Apostille certification – please click here for more information.

All our customers are important to us – we guarantee the highest quality translations for the lowest prices and fastest return times anywhere in Ireland. If you have an urgent deadline you need to meet, we can meet your needs and return your translation to you in just hours! Please contact us for more information. You will never miss a deadline when you work with us for any of your translation and certification needs.  

If you have any queries or would like to place an order, please contact us! You can reach Ahmad, our dedicated Arabic translator and interpreter by email at

Alternatively, call into our conveniently located Dublin offices in person.



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