Certified Translations - Certification

Certified Translations  - Certification

Our French Translator has a written agreement with an Irish solicitor and Notary Public in order to certify our translations. Each translation has a Statutory Declaration attached to it that is certified by a Solicitor or the Notary Public. Only then the translation can be legalized.

There are several types of the certification you may need for you French translation.  

French Translator certification

This is certification by the Translator or the Translation Agency that the translation prepared by them is true and accurate translation from English to French or From French to English. The cost is normally included in the cost of the translation. However if you need certified copy of the translation an extra cost may be applied.  

Solicitor or Notary Certification of the Translation

"Translator’s signature notary certification" supposes the following steps: translation is attached to the original document or certified copy of it, then a statutory declaration is attached to the document, and after that the translator signs the translation in the presence of a notary, who certifies the authenticity of the signature.  

French Notary translation

This refers to the translation of a document and certification of it by the notary that is why it can also be called translation with notary certification or notarized translation. This type of translation is necessary for French documents that are to be used abroad, including the submission of their notary translation to the public institutions, where the official language of the country is not the French language. This rule is also applicable to documents that are coming from France to Ireland, they must have an Apostille or legalization mark put in the country of origin. There are cases when it is not required and if you need more information on this subject, please contact our customer managers.

None of these forms of authenticity is performed "by default" - customer must specify what is the purpose of the translation and what kind of the certification is required so that we can take into account the necessary steps in preparation of documents and additional time for their implementation. And there is another aspect that we are kindly asking you: certification services are ensured only for the documents translated by our company and in case you already have a translation of the document and the only thing needed is its certification, we can offer you the option to perform a validation to make sure that we can put our signature above the specific document.



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