Certified Translations – Document Translation Specialists

Certified Translations  – Document Translation Specialists

We are an Irish based translation company specializing in French to English and English to French translation and created by a team of translators, editors and proofreaders that have been working in this field for many years.

YES, WE SPEAK FRENCH. For the French customer service consultant email:

Our translators are responsible, French to English Translation, English to French Translation, French Documents preparation, French proofread and editing etc offers not only documents translation or preparation, but also many other written translations (technical, legal, general), French interpreting services, notarization of French documents or documents prepared for use in France, certification of same, consular legalization of documents prepared for France and other related services.

We are mainly specializing in translation of legal and technical documents issued in France and the French speaking countries or to be used in France. This process is mainly translation with certification of translator (Statutory Declaration) or translation with further notarization or legalization by an Apostille stamp.

One of the most requested translation services by our customers is notary translation of a French Translation, which includes translation of the document and its certification by a Notary Public.

Although a notary legalization of a French document translation might be sufficient for its use within the public institutions in France or for the French embassy, it is very important that our clients are aware of the fact that a legalized translation by a notary may not be enough so as the French document to be considered valid in other countries and a consular legalization procedure or Apostille might be required.

Although the translation and legalization of a French document might seem like a simple procedure, it is complex and demanding service which requires accuracy and professionalism as well as appropriate certification and education of a translator.

Our company is without a doubt one of the leading translation agencies in Ireland. We do not outsource our work and do most of it ourselves. The translator who took your order will be most likely one who will be completing it. We can handle any job, irrespective of the complexity, volume or urgency. Email us at



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