Certified Translations - Latvian Documents

Certified Translations - Latvian Documents

We mainly specialise in Latvian written translations provided by certified Latvian translators who are experienced native speakers and always available in the office. All translations are later edited by highly qualified specialists of the specific areas so we can guarantee our customers the best service for the lowest rates. We translate: Latvian Adoption Cases, Latvian Power of Attorney, Latvian Legal Contracts, Latvian Court Decree, Latvian Income References (VSSA), Employment Contracts, Latvian Company Registration Documents, Latvian Tax and Accounting Documents, Latvian Medical Documents, Latvian Civil documents such as: Latvian Marriage, Latvian Divorce, Latvian Court Decree, Latvian Birth Certificates etc.

Generally translation orders can be divided into three main categories:

  • standard written Latvian legal, economic, medical translations
  • Latvian document preparation, editing, formatting, proofread and other support services
  • written translation of civil documents in Latvian or English


Economic translations (Latvian Economic translations)

We provide our customers accurate and professional translations of texts related to various spheres of economics which require special knowledge of economic and financial terminology in Latvian Accounting Priciples, Latvian Economics, Latvian Insurance and Financial Services. Some economic translations we do include: PAYE statements, bank statements, income statements, annual reports, business plans, articles of association, audit committees reports, loan agreements, P60, company registration certificates, investment memorandum and many others. We have a range of companies and international organizations who have become our regular customers due to our professional approach and fast service.

Legal translation (Latvian Legal documents)

One of our largest translation areas are Latvian court decisions, contracts and agreements, powers of attorney, appeals, statutory documents, criminal records, oaths, affidavits, declarations and other legal documents. Translating these documents requires specific knowledge of legal terminology and expressions in both source and target languages, so we only entrust legal translations to highly qualified linguists having degree in Law or legal background. Latvian legal translations are always edited by a Latvian legal advisor and can be proofread by a Latvian notary.

Latvian literary translation

Latvian Literary translations takes a special place on Latvian translation services market. Our professional linguists possess a proper experience of translating websites, letters, applications, promotional materials, books and magazine articles and are skilled to produce an output of a high quality keeping the style and the volume of the original text. In some cases Latvian Literary source texts, for instance, newspaper extracts, company annual reviews or website articles, can be used as a source for preparing customer's reviews or reports, in this case you just can order a common translation.

Professional translation of Latvian personal documents

Most of our customers use the service of personal documents translations meaning Latvian passports, Latvian Birth Certificates, Latvian Marriage Certificates, Diplomas, Diploma Supplements, Letters, Apostilles etc. with the solicitor or notary certification and sometimes apostillisation.

Our consultants process every order and in each case are ready to advise you on any special service that may be required for submitting you document to authorities abroad. This service may include:

  • Sworn Latvian translations bearing a signature of certified translators formatted as the source document with grids, tables, drawing and commenting;
  • Proofreading, formatting and certifying your document if you have done a Latvian translation yourself or in any translation agency abroad that needs to be certified in Ireland;
  • Notarizing translations and certifying copies of the original
  • Apostilling your Latvian translations to be legally valid for authorities abroad

We are very particular about delivering your order on terms and for the lowest rates, however, large volume documents are usually not subject to a same day service. Our Latvian consultants are always available in the office and put their greatest effort to assist you with urgent translations into/from Latvian. In case of need we can contact authorities requesting you Latvian translation or ever send them you documents directly.

Our professional Latvian staff translators as well as a large collaboration network of Irish solicitors and notaries ensure the lowest prices for our main services in Dublin. Due to our easy and efficient online customer service we have managed to process orders coming all over Ireland. Email us, come to our office for a consultation or post you translations by registered post -you can always be sure you will receive the best service you deserve!



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