Certified Translations - Apostille on Polish Documents

Certified Translations - Apostille on Polish Documents | Apostille for Poland

When you have your Irish document or a translation prepared in Ireland to be used in Poland or any other foreign country for marriage registration, registration of birth, property purchase or selling, it needs to be Apostilled or legalized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ireland. Apostille or legalisation of documents issued in Poland or Polish translations to be used abroad has to be done in the Polish embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland.

Apostille stamp is a special seal which makes the document valid in other countries. Original documents are Apostilled without any notary certification, however, to get your copies or translations Apostilled you need them to be certified by a notary first.

If Apostille is needed on any document issued in Poland for example; Polish Birth Certificate, please email us at

As it is important for us not to waste your time and money, we have made available the fastest and most effective system of service which allows you to get your documents Apostilled from your home. We can provide you your Irish documents Apostilled in just one day.

Contacting us, you will get complete service and comfort to suit your needs. We will prepare all the necessary documentation, carry out Apostillisation, if necessary, we will translate and notarize all documentation for you, we will also provide you a document completely ready to use abroad.

We also have a special service consisting of Apostilling documents in other countries in which we have agency offices. You just have to leave the documents in our Dublin offices and we will prepare it, post them to the destination country, Apostille and deliver them back. We guarantee you both safety and confidence. To find out more: please email us at

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