Certified Translations - Certification

Certified Translations - Certification

Polish translators in our team cooperate with a number of solicitors and Notaries Publics in Ireland, to certify the translations and copies of your documents. In case of such certification our Polish translator prepare and sign a Statutory Declaration.

A number of Polish translation certification types is available for our customers.

Polish Translator certification

If you need to prove that the translation is true and consistent with the Polish document, the Polish translator certificates your document. Such certification can be put by Polish translator or the Translation Agency on the English to Polish and Polish to English translations.

The price of such translation certification made by the Translator or the Translation Agency is usually included in the cost of translation. However in case of additional copies of the translation extra charge may be required.

Translation Certification by Solicitor or Notary Public

Sworn Polish Translations certified by Notary Public or Solicitor can only be provided by the certified Polish translators. In order to prepare such translation, to the original document or certified copy has to be joint with the translation, and then statutory declaration by the sworn translator is attached. Finally a Solicitor or Notary certifies the signature of the translator. 

Document Legalization

Document legalisation process consists of document certification by the Solicitor or the Notary that confirms that the document was issued or prepared in Ireland and signature of the Declarant is genuine. Part of the document legalisation, that may be necessary, is Apostille stamp. 

Polish Notary translation

Notary certification is required by most authorities in case of legal or other documents. In this type of translation, the document is sealed with a stamp of Notary Public. This type of translation is necessary for Polish or Irish documents to be valid abroad and in any public institutions. To be able to use your Polish documents in Ireland you need Notary Translation along with Apostille stamp or legalization mark.

We do our best to provide you the right type of certification. Only our translation agency in Dublin enables you to discuss each order in Polish and even contact for you the proper authorities on the necessary type of certification.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and consult with our staff in Polish.




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