Certified Translations – Specialists in Document Translation

Certified Translations – Specialists in Document Translation

We are a translation company in Dublin offering Polish to English and English to Polish Translations of top-quality in Ireland and abroad. Our staff consists of highly specialised translators with experience in certification and translation of polish documents required by any Irish and foreign authorities.

WE SPEAK POLISH. You can order you translations or get a free consultation in Polish! Please email us at

Our translations are of high accuracy, quality, and highest level of Polish to English Translation, English to Polish Translation, Polish Documents preparation, Polish proofread and editing services etc. Certified Translations is your best partner in languages who understands your needs in documents translation or preparation, and is also flexible and reliable to meet them. We offer written translations (medical, legal, general), Polish interpreting services, notarization of Polish documents or documents preparation for use in Poland, sworn Polish translations, consular legalization of documents prepared for Poland and other related services.

Polish Certificates and Polish legal documents issued in Poland or to be used in Poland are the main area of our Polish translations. We help on all the levels of preparation of your Polish documents, Sworn translation, Polish translator certification (Statutory Declaration) and finally the notarization or legalization by an Apostille stamp.

Our help with legalising Polish documents is on affordable rate, highest level of accuracy and shortest terms. Our Polish translators will tell you what kind of legalization is required in your case (notary legalization of the Polish document when used within the public institutions in Poland or Polish embassy, or a consular legalization procedure or Apostille compulsory for the Polish document to be valid in other countries).

Very popular type is notary translation of Polish Certificates that consists of translation and certification by the Notary Public.

Our certified Polish translators translate only into their native languages and have extensive experience in translating documents of various specialisations (medical, technical, legal). Choosing us means the service by high-quality specialists who will provide you word-for-word reproduction of your Polish documents with the highest levels of accuracy and precision.

Our efficient 24/7 online customer service system enables providing you translation and legalisation of the Polish document no matter where you are and when you need it. You don’t even have to come to our office. You just scan the documents and send us on e-mail or send them by registered post and the ready certified translation is sent to you within few days.

We are proud to be considered one of the leading Polish translation agencies in Ireland. Our staff of Polish translators is available all the time and perform most of the work themselves. Our company is located in the centre of Dublin. All the urgent orders are processed in shortest terms and without any quality loss. Our long-term cooperation with Irish solicitors and notaries allows us to provide you the fastest Polish documents legalisation service and reasonable rates for it. Also our flexible system of online orders has expanded our area of service all over Ireland. Furthermore our service is always high-quality irrespectively of the complexity, volume or urgency. Find out more by email



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