Certified Translations - Written Slovak to English or English to Slovak Translations

Certified Translations - Written Slovak to English or English to Slovak Translations

In just 24 hours, we can return to you an impeccable, certified Slovak to English or English to Slovak translation completed by one of our certified Slovak translators and issued with Slovak certification. 

We are also proud to offer our new “urgency” service where we can have a certified, professional translation returned to you in just 1-2 hours! You will always meet your deadlines when you choose us for your translation needs.

We can translate any document of even the utmost complexity with unrivalled precision and accuracy, including:

  • Legal Slovak documents such as adoption papers, court decisions, appeals and contracts. Our experience translators have full knowledge of all terminology specific to the Slovak legal and justice systems.

  • Slovak corporate business documents including commercial offers, contacts, safety statements, intra-corporate memoranda and annual reports.

  • Technical Slovak documents including scientific texts, repair and instruction manuals, catalogues for equipment or raw materials, medical certificates. Many technical documents encompass a vocabulary specific to the subject matter which is beyond the knowledge of even the most experienced and knowledgeable translators. To ensure you translation is as accurate as possible, we ask that you provide us with a glossary of any such specific terms.

  • Financial and economic Slovak documents including loan agreements, bank guarantees, bank statements, audit committee reports, investment memoranda, personal income or bank statements. We have extensive experience in translating documents for the Slovak Financial and Economic Sectors, and have developed an in-depth knowledge of all terminology specific to these sectors, including Slovak accounting standards and insurance services.

  • Specialized texts where conveying the literary style and eloquence of the original is of paramount importance. These texts include literary texts, books and magazine articles, presentations, marketing and promotional materials and websites.

  • Personal and civil Slovak documents including change of name certificates, marriage, birth, death and divorce certificates, diplomas, degrees and passports.

  • Any other document you wish to be translated!

Our support services:

  • Proofreading, formatting and editing of any document

  • Maintenance of formatting of even the most complex documents including positions of figures, captions and formulae

  • Design of finished document layout

  • Printing

It may be the case that you simply have a document you need to understand in your own language but do not need a full translation of. If this is so, please call in to us and we will be delighted to assist you.

We encourage all our loyal and prospective customers to contact us with any queries regarding any of our services. We are the only translation agency in Ireland to offer a comprehensive consultation free of charge in either English or Slovak to suit your individual preferences. You can reach us by email at



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