Certified Translations - Apostille Service for Spanish Documents or Translations

Certified Translations  - Apostille Service for Spanish Documents or Translations

What is Apostille certification?

Apostille certification is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dublin to any document prepared in Ireland, and authenticates the document or translation. It is most commonly used to certify signatures on a document, the conditions under which the document was signed and the identities of all and all signatories and of the authority issuing the certification. A typical example is certification of a notarized translation, where the Apostille legalization verifies that the notary is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dublin. It may additionally be used to confirm the country of origin of the document, and may be stamped directly onto the translation or document or alternatively attached to it.

Do my documents require Apostille certification?

If your documents are to be used in any country signed up to the Hague Convention, they may need to be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dublin for certification by Apostille to ensure that they will be accepted as legally valid. This includes notarized translations, birth or marriage certificates and adoption papers prepared in Ireland for use in Spain or further abroad.

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Although a translated document is most commonly issued with Apostille certification, we can alternatively translate a document after it has received Apostille authentication. Please click here for more information on our range of document translation and preparation services.

Understanding which certification type is most suitable for you can be difficult and demanding, and obtaining the certification can be time-consuming and complex; allow us to take care of all your certification needs. Please click here for more details on the range of certification and legalization services we offer.

If you have any questions regarding the Apostille process and if it is essential for you, we encourage you to contact us!

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