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Irish Translation and Localization Services.
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Irish translations in Ireland.

At DocsBase Translation Services, we offer the most cost effective and high quality fully certified Irish translations in Ireland and Europe. We understand that the translation and legalisation of your document can appear daunting but don’t worry; we are here to make it easy for you. Our system is clear, simple and ensures you receive your document quickly and with the minimum amount of fuss.

We provide the highest quality and most cost effective Irish to English and English to Irish fully certified translations. Our Irish translators, editors and proofreaders have years of experience translating Irish civil documents, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Adoption documents, Power of Attorney, Irish court decisions, Irish criminal records, other types of documents and specific fields of terminology including medical, legal, academic, technical, financial, etc. The list is endless!


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

All of our translations are fully certified and we can even have them attested by a Notary Public or Solicitor if required. If your document needs to be legalised for use in another country, we can notarise the translated document and then legalise it by placing an Apostille on it.

You can rest assured safe in the knowledge that all of your documents will word perfect, quickly translated and all for the lowest price in Ireland.

We are always happy to meet our clients in person in one of our offices but, we know how important your time is. This is why you don’t have to come to us in person. All you have to do is send us a scan or take a photo with your smart phone and email it to us. Just make sure the photo is very clear! That is all we need in order to arrange a quotation for you and even begin translating. The fully certified translation will be sent to you within a very short timeframe.

Our fully certified Irish translations are valid internationally as well as in the Republic of Ireland.

Translation and Preparation of Documents for an Application for Irish Citizenship

Are you applying for Irish citizenship?

If you are applying for Irish citizenship, it is absolutely vital that all your supporting documentation is accurately translated. Incorrect documents will be returned to the applicant thus delaying the application process for weeks or even months.

Our company has been working with preparation, certification and legalisation of documents required for application for Irish citizenship for the last 10 years, so we know what is required!

We work closely with solicitors and notaries and can assure you that your documents will be properly translated and certified within shortest period of time and for the best possible price!

We are delighted to offer you a fast and reliable service from any language and for any type of application for certificate of naturalisation, be it for citizenship through birth in Ireland, citizenship through descent or declaration of post-nuptial citizenship.

As applying for Irish citizenship is an important event in your life or the live of your loved ones, we would strongly recommend reading carefully Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service website for updates and application requirements.

Normally, you need to translate your original Birth Certificate and have it certified as a True Copy of Original, in some cases you need you Marriage Certificate translated as well. More importantly, when you receive a positive decision you will need to present your translations again.

The common mistake people make is the spelling of names (if they are different than in any other correspondence submitted in Ireland – your application will be rejected). In some countries, for example in Latvia, names were changed when the country became independent. We have many clients from Latvia with Birth Certificates issued from the Soviet Union with Russian spellings of the names and Passports issued in Latvia with Latvian spellings of the names. If this is the case, we can provide a translators affidavit which explains why the names are different.

We will translate quickly, efficiently and subsequently legalise residence documents, work permits, letters from employers, birth certificates, birth affidavits, marriage certificates, marriage affidavits, academic certificates, bank statements and any other documentation or official or departmental letters that may be useful or required and that would make your citizenship application stronger and perfectly prepared. We can happily offer discounts for large orders, i.e. if you are looking to apply for Irish citizenship for more than one family member.

We can translate any additional or outstanding documentation that you may be looking to submit whilst your citizenship application is pending or documentation you wish to include if appealing the decision on your citizenship application.

We have offices in Dublin and Cork, but we shall happily assist our clients anywhere in the Republic of Ireland. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service within the shortest possible timeframes and we will promptly reply to all orders and enquiries, which you are welcome to submit through our website, via e-mail or simply by calling one of our offices.

You can trust us with your order and the timely translation of documents of varying degrees of complexity.

Our Translation Agency will help you to find out if you are eligible to become an Irish citizen. If yes, we will help you to fill in your application form and submit it to INIS.

The documents required to apply for Irish citizenship include:

  • birth certificate
  • divorce certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • civil partnership certificate
  • passport
  • financial statements
  • income statements

We will help you to translate all of these documents and have them certified/attested by a Solicitor.

Our highly qualified translators have many years experience in translating all kind of documentation needed to apply for Irish Citizenship. Our sworn translators will translate these and any other documents you may require to the highest standard and for the lowest prices in Ireland!

Irish Tax refunds

Our Irish tax service ensures your tax return is filed on time and you get back any tax refunds and expenses you are entitled to.

We will be able to help you to get your tax back if you have:

  • Had medical or dental expenses
  • Rented accommodation
  • Rented accommodation
  • Overpaid the income tax levy
  • Your employer pays for all part of your medical insurance
  • Are a member of a trade union
  • Only worked for part of the year or had more than one job
  • Are self-employed and had work-related expenses
  • Paid bin and water charges
  • Overpaid PRSI

Do not miss out on money you are owed! File your Irish tax return!

Irish criminal record certificate

You lived in Ireland and left the country?

Lots of countries require criminal records from the countries you lived in previously. Our specialists will help you to obtain the certificate and send it to any country you need. We can also prepare, translate and apostille documents to make them legal abroad.



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