5 Nice websites to learn Italian

5 Nice websites to learn Italian

I know learning by ourselves can be difficult because it requires a lot of will, organisation and perseverance. And believe me, I do not learn languages easily, altough I wish I did and altough I envy (so, but so much) that ones that do speak 6,7 or 10 different languages as it was the most simple thing in the world. Nevertheless, I love reading about acquiring a new language and articles and news in the languages I appreciate. After marrying an Italian and after I had traveled to Italy, it is understandable my desire for the Italian language now. I studied by myself for one month, more or less, and I wish to continue and engage in a course in the near future so that further more I will be able to participate in MeetUps and, maybe, try some Italian course in Italy. When I started looking for it on internet, I was more than glad to see that there are many websites to help me in my new resolution. For those who didn’t know, I studied French in the past for one year and a half, and after one year I lost touch. I tried to look on websites for at least maintening what I already knew, but everything seemed to be paid. I just found people talking about learn French and books and online courses (everything paid, of course). For Italian it was completly different (yey!). I want to share some of the websites that I used and that I think were the most helpful, in case you also decide this is your new resolution our just have an interest:

1. Online Italian Club – Clique aqui

This one for sure is the most vauable one. It give you the links of the whole Italian book with the whole package: explanation, exercises, listening and vocabulary. It starts in the beginner/elementary, so you can liiterally start from zero!

2. The conjugation of the verbs in Italian - Clique aqui

This is also a must. When studying and the doubt comes in, you can do a quick research in this website. You just search for the verb in the infinitive form and it gives you all the verb tenses. This one helped me a lot. Even if you want just to practice the conjugations by writing them down on your notebook and then correcting with this site.

3. Rai Cultura – Clique aqui

This one had a really nice idea. It is a website from a Italian channel that had the iniciative of doing a platform with Italian language lessons for immigrants in Italy. It has videos and exercises of comphreension and listening. The only problem is that, even though it starts in the elementary level, for those that does not live in Italy, it starts in a very advanced level – because it shows people talking in Italian in a normal daily basis. However, the communication in the videos are slow and repetitive, so I think one should really give it a try. It is an wonderful iiniciative and we should take some advantage of it, being an immigrant in Italy or not.

4. Só Italiano – Clique aqui

This one is for the Portuguese speakers learning Italian. Hopefully, it is translated to other languages, but I am not sure. It always helped me in all the subjects when I was studying for the exam to get inside the university. It gives you a big help when you just want to answer a quick doubt or understand better a detail of the grammar that you did not get.

5. Culinary blogs: Clique aqui

Next time you are looking for a recipe, why not to look for it in the language you are learning? It may take you more time to do a simple recipe, but you are going to feel pleased after you finish something you copy from an Italian website! The link I post is just one I stick with, just a suggestion. Being a huge fan of food, this tip works on me. You can just type on Google ”ricette di (name it)” and basta!


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