Japanese to English Translation and Localisation Services for the Japanese Gaming Industry and App Market in Ireland




Japanese to English Translation and Localisation Services for the Japanese Gaming Industry and App Market in Ireland

If you are a Japanese video game- or app development company and you want to make your product available to the global market, then you will need to translate it into multiple target languages. Our experts at will make sure that your content is translated – and more importantly – localised into the target languages in the most reliable way.

Translation and Localisation of Video Games for the Gaming Industry in Ireland

Are you a Japanese video game development company looking to expand into the global market? Our translation agency,, based in Ireland, will help you translate and localise all your content. We employ highly skilled translators that are fluent in Japanese and have spent many years in Japan, studying the country’s unique language and culture. These professionals are the most suited to transfer your content into another language while making it comprehensible. It is paramount that you choose the right translation firm for your game. Because of the many cultural differences between Japan and other parts of the world, a game developed in Japan might need adaptations to be relatable to a broader audience, so that it is equally enjoyable abroad. This is where the yearlong experience of our translators comes in to play. Not only do they translate the contents of your game, they also adapt parts of the language used when necessary, to keep the game feeling as unique and authentic as possible for players around the world.

This process is called localisation. It severely enhances the gaming experience, as the players can better relate to it and it never becomes apparent to them that they are playing a translated version of the game. Only the most skilled translators can localise content successfully, to the point where the translated game is indistinguishable to the original for players around the world.

Translation and Localisation of Apps for the Gaming Industry in Ireland

Are you a Japanese application development company looking to introduce its apps to the global market? can help you with the translation and localisation of your product. Our translators are highly experienced experts and fluent in Japanese, which means that they can perfectly translate the contents of your application while also localising them. When dealing with an application, our agency also focuses on the visual aspect – the Graphical User Interface (GUI) – of the finished product. The correct, efficient and aesthetically pleasing translation of the GUI can have a detrimental impact on how the product is received from the local markets. Our translators will provide the client with an end result that is not only linguistically flawless but also equally visually appealing and user friendly as the original.

Why choose to translate and localise your video game or application for the global market?

When dealing with the translation and localisation of video games and applications from Japanese into other languages, only the most skilled professionals can deliver a satisfying result to the client that will retain the unique feel of the original product. Our translators combine their level of proficiency in Japanese with the ingenuity needed to adapt content throughout various target languages in an efficient and visually appealing way that does not take anything away from the original. will also assist you with

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