Certified Translation




In addition to translation and localization services, depending on the wishes of the client or the legal requirements that
translated documents need when being used for official purposes, our
translation agency here in New York City offer:

Our company is a member of the main international professional translation bodies. We are fully accredited and we work closely with embassies and legal offices in Europe, the United States and Russia.

We have offices around the world – Ireland, Britain, Europe and Russia, and have years of experience of working in different jurisdictions. All of our translators are professionals and qualified to the highest level. We have specialist translators that have backgrounds in Law, Business and Medicine that can be assigned to work with you if you have a very technical or complicated document to be translated or localized.


What we offer:

Please note that only a certified translation can be considered an official translation. In some cases a document may be considered invalid without the correct certification. Please confirm with the authority you are sending the document to or alternatively contact our team and we shall happily advise you on how best to proceed with your translation.

Please note that these forms of authenticity constitute a separate service that can be ordered when you are placing your translation order. Let us know what type of certification you require so that it can be taken into account during the preparation of your documents.

Please note that certification services are provided only for the documents prepared or translated by our company. If you already have your document translated and require a certification only, we perform validation prior to putting our signature on the document. Validation is performed at an additional charge.

For further details please feel free to email, phone or call into our office anytime during regular business hours Monday to Friday.



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