The Translation Process




The way we handle any translation project is the same whether the translation is performed in-house or by one of
our contracted translators. If a project requires the use of a team of translators, the project manager
is responsible for the co-ordination of the team of translators.

In each case a database of terminology and glossariesare built up and provided to all translators to ensure consistency throughout the project.

The initial request is received viaany method the client decides
A Project Manager (PM) is assigned to the project
The PM liaises with the client to check their exact requirements, checks the source text for completeness and errors,
confirms its acceptance and agrees rates and deadline

Upon confirmation of the project, the following procedures take place:

A project plan is created and this covers allphases of the project along with a complete list of all persons responsible for everyphase of the project.

The PM uploads the source text to our translation management system. The PM assigns the project to the most suitable translator or divides it up between the most suitable team of translatorsbased upon technicality, specialty and subject matter. The PM is in constant contact with the translator/s and the client throughout the life cycle of the project.

The translator assesses the project and confirms if they have accepted the project. The translator translates the text adhering to the glossaries of terms provide, and any other reference material supplied by the client. The translator consults with the PM throughout the life cycle of the project. The translator submits the completed translation to the PM and relays any comments or feedback.

The PM checks the first draft of the translation for completeness and formatting. The PM assigns the first draft of the translation to a separate proof-reader, who then checks the translated text against the original source text for errors, linguistic style, language use and localization.

The proof-reader liaises with the PMregarding the translated text. The proof-reader returns the fully proofread translation to the PM and explains any track changes.

The PM uploads the translated and proofread document to our translation management system. The PM makes the final changes and checks formatting etc.


Quality control

We utiliseour Swiss Standard to ensure consistent quality control for every project regardless of size or content. We systematically carry out quality control checks under our Swiss Standard. The selection of the suitable translator is of central importance for ensuring the successful conclusion of any translation project. Translators are selected according to established criteria. This can be due to their overall profile or of their aptitude for a specific project. Every member of our team must be of the highest calibre.

Our Translators Must

Our Project Managers (PM’s) Must

Be experienced in using translation software tools (CAT Tools)

Have a minimum of 3 yearsPM experience

Be fluent in written and spoken English and at least one other language

Communicate with the client & translator/s in order to effectively manage the client’s project from start to finish

Ensure that all deadlines are met and the highest quality is provided throughout

Analyse each translation for completeness, format, content and flow

OurProof-Readers Must

Quality Assurance Procedures

Proofreading, Formatting and Grammar

We use six categories to systemise our translation quality checks for errors, if a translator exceeds the maximum number of errors allowed, the translation is immediately returned to the translator for a full and complete revision. The errors themselves are of different degrees of seriousness. There are critical, severe and slight errors. Our translator database is then updated with an evaluation entry and the translator receives feedback regarding same.

All of our translations are read by two proof-readers who are native speakers with a third level linguistic education in the target language. This ensures the highest standards at all times. Again, any changes or errors are track changed for the PM to relay to the original translator. It is of the utmost importance tous to continually monitor all of our linguists to ensure the highest standard service every time.

They have to check for;

Our most important role is to ensure that the translated content flows and reads as if it had been written in the target language.

Independent Analysis

This is similar to proofreading but this process is usually used for larger projects that contain specialised subjects. The independent reviewer will focus on the following areas:

In-House Quality Assurance



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