Apostille Legalisation of UK birth Certificates in Ireland

Apostille Legalisation of UK birth Certificates in Ireland provides services for those who need Apostille certification for their official birth certificate. Apostille certificates are often requested by foreign authorities and organisations so as to certify documents to be used outside the UK for official purposes. The Apostille process is referred to as legalisation. All Apostille birth certificates normally include the clients full name, father’s and mother's name, place of birth, date of birth and the registration district.

Some of the most important reasons to Apostille your birth certificate includes, applying for an academic course, a passport, a driver license and a marriage certificate. Another reason might be if you lost your previous certificate or you need to replace it. We also supply fully certified copies of all the Apostille birth certificates that we issue.

Apostille certificates are only required if you are dealing with authorities outside the UK. They are required for the legalisation of official, personal and legal documents. All certificates issued in our offices in Dublin and Cork bear an official seal. That seal makes them valid anywhere, both for official and personal matters.

Apostille legalisation of UK birth certificates for marriage in Ireland

If you are an Irish citizen that was born overseas and you registered with the British consulate then you will need the Apostille certification for your UK birth certificate. A lot of Irish nationals born in the UK, especially those in Northern Ireland, had their birth certificates issued in the UK. In various instances, such as in the case of Irish citizens planning to get married in Ireland, the state requires proof of the authenticity of their birth certificates. Proving the authenticity can only be done in the UK and our offices in the UK can assist you and spare you great expenses and valuable time. With us, you don’t need to travel back to the UK for your certificate to be certified and legalized.

Why choose for the Apostille legalisation of your birth certificate

We can guarantee that your birth certificate will be legalised by Apostille in the fastest manner possible as the dedicated personnel in our offices in Dublin and Cork will work alongside our offices in the UK to yield the fastest results for our clients, while maintaining the most competitive prices in the market.

Send us a picture of your birth certificate from your smart-phone or scan it in to us via email. Alternatively, visit our offices in Dublin or Cork, bring us your birth certificate and we will take care of the rest. It is still important to keep in touch us if there are any developments, for example in the case that some information is missing or incorrect. In any case will stay in contact with you and will work towards resolving any issue as fast as possible. If all information given is correct, then the process is fast and our client’s satisfaction guaranteed.

If you have any questions feel free to email us or call us to arrange a meeting in person In our offices in Dublin, Cork or the UK.


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