Attestation and Certification of Documents for use in China in Dublin and Cork

Attestation and Certification of Documents for use in China in Dublin and Cork

If you are looking for a job in China, if you are thinking of looking to study in China or if you would like to start or branch out your company in China then you will need to provide the Chinese authorities with all the necessary certified and translated documents. provides high-quality legalisation, translation and attestation services for clients requiring personal or corporate documents to be recognised and accepted by the Chinese Embassy in Dublin for use in China.

The following list of documents (among similar others) might need to be legalised and attested by an officials and a specialised agency:

Documents for Legalisation in the Chinese Embassy

  • Official transcript of records legalisation
  • College diploma legalisation
  • Patent legalisation
  • CRO Company Printout legalisation
  • Memorandum of Association legalisation
  • Power of Attorney legalisation
  • Educational Document legalisation
  • Qualification Recognition legalisation
  • Employment document legalisation

Why choose us to help you legalise your documents for use in China?

Two major indicators of the quality of the documents produce are our team’s refined level of expertise and specialisation, and the privileged place our agency currently occupies in the translation industry, document legalisation services and visa support service in Ireland, the UK and numerous countries around the world. Whether you need a translation or an attestation and certification of documents, we will assist you in any way possible.

On the one hand, 10 years of experience endorse our abilities to deal with document certification, legalisation and attestation. On the other hand, we are aware of the value of a good communication between organisations for this official matters and, therefore, we always try to invest in reaching the best experts in the market.

Prices for Apostille and Consular Legalisation Services

Our work ethic provides the client with a high-quality product ratified by the Chinese Embassy, in the lowest possible amount of time. Generally we charge between 30€ to 50€ on top of the Embassy fees which cover delivery and collection of the document to / from the Embassy, reviewing of the document and providing advising the client. We visit the Chinese Embassy daily. The dedicated personnel in always put the client’s needs first. In this case, the attestation of personal, corporate and official documents is a task that we carry out with full awareness of the very strict deadlines involved.

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