Audio and Video Transcriptions

Audio and Video Transcriptions

If you have an audio or video file and need to have a written text of what is said on it, you need a Transcription. Our specialists will be happy to provide a quick, professional, cost effective and user friendly  Transcription service  for you and will convert your audio or video recording into a text as per your requirements. 

Our team of multilingual mother-tongue specialists provide professional foreign languages transcriptions service for X+ languages , which means no matter what language is spoken in your audio or video file, how quickly people speak , with what intonation or accent, we will understand it and  transform it in a readable editable text document according to the formatting that you require. 

What we offer :

  •  Fast and accurate service

  •  All languages covered

  •  Any topic in any industry

  •  Customised per your requirements - any format

If  on top of Transcription of  you audio or video file, you need its Translation in one or many languages, you can avail of our Translation Transcription Service.  

As a certified translation agency, we can provide a provide a transcript translated to the target language/s of your choice. 

We can customise your videos with foreign language subtitles and voice-over translation or dubbing – whichever is your need.

If you need a transcription in court, for legal or insurance purposes, or for an investigation you will have to ensure its certification. We can provide fully-certified multilingual transcription services. Such certification legally validates a foreign language transcription used for this purpose.

Foreign languages transcription is an art and our mission is to ensure  the quality of conversion  and translation in any language.

Here are examples of what we do:

  • Transcribe and translate interviews, conferences, meetings, podcasts

  • Transcribe and translate  films, scripts, clips, lectures with subtitles or voiceovers, 

  • Transcribe and translate  court session and reports, medical reports , market research questionnaires

Confidentiality, Trust and Data Protection issues

We can be trusted with the  transcriptions of a sensitive character, on difficult topics, that is why leading organisations, companies  and charities specialising in this field are our clients.

  • We are fully GDPR compliant which means your  audio and video recordings are treated in a safe and secure manner;

  • We pay great attention to the security and confidentiality of the clients’ data  and we are committed to maintain the trust and confidence of the users of our services. Your files are private and protected from unauthorized access.

  • Our security requirements are outlined in our Data Protection Policy. If needed, we can provide a generic Confidentiality Agreement for clients to accommodate their particular needs, we also understand that some projects are  of extremely sensitive nature and we agree to sign an Non-disclosure agreements on request.



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