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If your documents are to be used abroad, they may require certification or some other form of legalisation. We provide a range of certification and legalisation services including notarization, which you will find listed below.

It can be very difficult to determine which type of certification your document will require; we are widely experienced in this field so if you are at all unsure which certification type is right for you please contact us for comprehensive and impartial advice.

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Certification of German translations:

Certification by the translator
It is customary for all our translations to be certified by the translator themselves or by our translation agency. This verifies that the translation is true to the original and is an accurate English to German or German to English translation of the original document. This is the most rudimentary level of certification.

The cost of this certification is included in that of the translation; an extra charge may need to be applied if you require additional certified copies of the translation. Please click here for a list of our competitive prices.




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