Certified and specialised translations of documents for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Dublin and Cork

Certified and specialised translations of documents for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Dublin and Cork

If you are a pharmaceutical company with contacts to other countries, then you will need to have translated versions of your research results and documents regarding your product. Our translation agency at with offices in Dublin and Cork offers certified translations for the pharmaceutical industry.

Translating these types of documents requires great accuracy and expertise in the field of pharmaceuticals, as well as a full understanding of the stringent regulatory laws surrounding it, all of which our translation team specialises in.

Why you will need a specialised pharmaceutical translation

Translation services in the pharmaceutical industry are required throughout many stages. In the process of bringing a drug to the market, it goes through various stages and translation is significant throughout this whole process. Some of the most important documents you might need are:

  • clinical research translation
  • regulatory submission translation
  • manufacturing and packaging translation
  • marketing and advertising translation

A certified translation of the above can reduce the bureaucracy and costs around clinical trials, accelerate the marketing process, decrease product liability claims and can even ensure the efficacy and safety of the marketed product.

For instance, the regulatory board may reject or delay the approval of a product, if they find the translation to be inadequate or not properly translated with regards to the state laws. As a result, your product market entry will be delayed, which will, in turn, mean financial losses. An inadequate translation may also omit crucial links between clinical research done and the final product. This important lost link can result in the product being labelled harmful and in some cases, fully withdrawn from the market. It is evident that submitting any translation that is not of the highest quality can have immense costs.

Why choose to translate your documents for the pharmaceutical industry?

The team of specialised translators at our agency offer the most qualitative translations for the pharmaceutical industry. From our translators and linguists to our proofreaders and editors, all our employees have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and are certified experts at what they do. Throughout our 10 years of service we have successfully translated many documents for pharmaceutical industries. Our clients trust our methods and superb employees and management to deliver consistently high-value and accurate translations at the most competitive market prices.


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