Certified Translation and Legalisation of Academic Documents and Certificates to confirm Your Nursing Degree in Ireland

Certified Translation and Legalisation of Academic Documents and Certificates to confirm Your Nursing Degree in Ireland

When applying for a nursing job in Ireland you will need an official translation of your Nursing Degree and your academic records to confirm their validity. At and in our offices in Dublin and Cork we translate your Nursing Degree and all of your academic documents from a foreign language into English so you can work in Ireland or apply for further studies.

Academic Document and Certificate Translation Services for use in Ireland

Translating your Nursing Degree is the first step in getting it notarized and then accepted by Irish institutions. We handle the translation of different academic documents for international students who have either migrated to Ireland for work or are looking to further their studies. To deliver accurate academic translations, relies on its team of translators with great experience and expertise in the field. Our offices in Dublin and Cork will personally assist any student or professional interested in studying or working in Ireland.

Necessary documents to confirm Nursing Degree in Ireland

Authorities, organizations, universities and colleges receive applications from international students wanting to work or study in Ireland. They ask international applicants to submit the English translation of their academic documents and certificates from the institution they have attended. Most of them are required to turn in their academic records, including certificates, diplomas and transcripts of records in English. Transcripts are yearly records that are issued by schools and they indicated the number of units taken, grades earned in each course and unit and the course title. An academic certificate is awarded for grades earned and the official degree conferred along with the degree title.

You will need to submit a certified translation of all your academic records to the necessary authorities or organisation. Our translation team will help you in the fastest way possible, while providing you with translated documents of the highest standard.

Why choose to translate and legalise your Academic Documents to confirm your Nursing Degree in Ireland

We have the most suited employees to translate your academic records and documents. If you have completed degrees in foreign countries and you are required to provide a certified translation of your documents, let our professionals handle the translation of your important documents.

At, our translators specialize in translating academic records and degrees from foreign languages to English. They will assist you with your transcript and if notary or attestation services are needed, we will cover them. We also translate supplementary documents such as immunization records and letters of recommendation.

If you have any questions regarding the translation and legalisation process, feel free to send us an email and we will be glad to assist you.


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