Certified Translation of Medical Documents Issued in Foreign Countries for Use in Ireland

Certified Translation of Medical Documents Issued in Foreign Countries for Use in Ireland

If you need to translate important medical documents issued in another country to use in Ireland, our translation agency at, with offices both in Dublin and in Cork, offers the fastest and most reliable service.

Medical translation requires up-to-date technical knowledge and language comprehension by every member of a translation agency. It requires the full understanding of the stringent regulatory laws regarding the translation of medical documents, especially in Ireland. Our team of experienced professionals at guarantees the highest level of expertise in providing medical translation services.

What makes the translation of medical documents different from other translations?

Medical translation fundamentally requires paraphrasing. For our team of translators to provide you with a valid, legal medical document, everyone fully comprehends the medical terminologies used and can work in a team environment to achieve the greatest translation standard. Throughout the translation process we employ a meticulous quality assurance system. From the time your documents get to us, up until the final proofreading of the translated documents we make sure all the terminologies used are valid in Ireland.

Why choose trust to translate your personal Medical Documents?

When moving to Ireland it is of crucial to have documents that are important for someone’s health. Whether it is a prescription form or a patient’s whole history, this kind of information is vital for a person’s well-being. These medical documents are also highly sensitive and personal. We use our unique methodology that helps us consistently deliver clear and accurate document translation services of the highest level that our clients depend on. When it comes to personal medical document translation, they are of utmost importance not only to the authorities but also for your own health, especially in cases of an unforeseen emergency. An accurate translation is essential to make sure your documents are comprehensive, legal and accepted by different organizations and authorizes in Ireland. At we employ translators who specialise in Medical terminologies and the translation thereof. In our 10 years of serving, we have been providing best medical document translation and we are dedicated to continuing to provide the most accurate and time-efficient translations at the most competitive price in Ireland.

If you require additional information or you have any questions regarding the translation of medical documents, feel free to send us an email through our website at, or come by to one of our offices in Dublin and Cork yourself.


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