Certified Translation of Personal Documents for Application for the Irish Citizenship

Certified Translation of Personal Documents for Application for the Irish Citizenship

When applying for the Irish citizenship, you will be required to submit various personal documents that have been translated into English, such as your marriage certificate, birth certificate and so on. specialises in translating personals documents, and will help you submit them to the authorities, in order to apply for the Irish citizenship.

Why you need a translation of your personal Documents for your Application for the Irish Citizenship

Translation services for immigration are offered on a daily basis through our offices in Dublin and Cork. provides translation, legalisation and certification services for people who are navigating through various processes when seeking Irish citizenship. We cover all the aspects of your citizenship application process from translating your birth certificate to court interpretations, and legal documents.

What documents will you need?

What you will need for your Personal Documents to be valid

For your documents to be valid, you need to submit both a copy of the original document and a certified translation. A copy of the original is to confirm that the certificates are real. Even if the authorities cannot process them in their original language, they still need to see and confirm the validity of the original documents which have the government stamps that the immigration officials must review for your certificates to be accepted.

Why choose to translate your Personal Documents for your Application for the Irish Citizenship

A certified translation will make your document valid to the Irish authorities. The translation needs to be accurate, comprehensive and adhere to the professional regulations, for your documents to be deemed acceptable. Sometimes the translation needs to be attested, for example in the case of legal proceedings. That’s why you should choose to work with us to translate your documents. Our team has years of experience and our expertise in the field enable us to offer superior translation services to our clients.

Our highly skilled and experienced translators will provide the fastest and most qualitative service on the market, while having the most competitive price. You can visit our offices in Dublin and Cork in person or you can directly scan in your documents via email to our offices. We can then offer you quick and accurate services according to your demand and requirements.


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