Certified Translation Services - internal quality management process

This document represents a description of our Quality Management Process goal to ensure the company’s excellence in terms of precision and quality in services provided to the customer through procedures, best practices and guidelines.

The current procedures are being constantly updated on a regular basis in order to comply with stringent requirements on its quality assurance processes and demands of a high level of qualification from its internal and external employees.Its key goals include constant increase of the professionalism standards of translation work.

Our professional statement is: Quality does not just need to be delivered, it needs to be managed.

Our company’s specific method designed in our office includes the following:

- Our management system,

- Our cost control and cost minimisation,

- Our risk management,

- Our conformity with legislation and standards,

- Our process know-how and our ability to keep improving and modernising internal systems.

CTS has developed a customised system of random monitoring and supervision of our translators’ work by managers in line with our guidelines. 

All translation orders are organised and managed in compliance with the provisions and procedures of the accepted standards for our industry. Our method, by its very design, drives constant improvement in the quality of the service provision; it creates the need to constantly assess and improve internal processes. 

Our strongest belief is that there is always room for improvement in the field of translation. This is an essential aspect that drives us to perfection. This is why we place customer focus and satisfaction at the centre of what we do, and we achieve our greatest results when we complete our work taking into consideration the people involved in the quality control at all levels and a positive management of the supplier relationships. Our main goal is a consistent high quality of translations and the ultimate satisfaction of the client.

Professional membership:Our company is an accredited member of the Association of Translation Companies, ATC (, an internationally recognised Association which represents translation and language services’ providers in Ireland and UK.

Such accredited memberships regulates the level of qualifications all translators, proof-readers, and project managers, so that the translations we produce could guarantee the highest quality and customer satisfaction. It comes with a series of rules and guidelines which are applied at each step of service delivery.The membership in such professional association serves as a decision-making aid when choosing us as a translation provider, as translation service providers can only become members of such professional association if they can show certified quality assurance systems.

Concept of quality in translation services:Quality means understanding what the customer needs and pledge to deliver it. The term ‘quality’ therefore goes far beyond the quality of the end product, in this case specialist translations, and applies to the entire service provided.That means constant customer-oriented thinking in order to make the customer happy. The key is a well-functioning quality management system that enables a cooperative partnership, with the objective of achieving an optimal translation result. This also means understanding and being able to provide different levels of quality: in some cases, the speed is less important than time-consuming refinement of a text; in others - the precision of language equivalent prevails over all the other factors etc. Analysis and thorough understanding of the customer need and purpose of translation is the foundation of the required quality assessment.

Definition of translation services:Translation is the communication of meaning from one language (the source) to another language (the target). Translation refers to written information, whereas interpretation refers to spoken information. The purpose of translation is to convey the original tone and intent of a message, taking into account cultural and regional differences between source and target languages.

A professional translation servicetypically requires 

a)     translation

b)     revision (or editing) 

c)     proofreading

These are essential stages that need to take place before we can say that a document is ready to be delivered to the client.

Our professional service carries out each stage independently. This means that the translator cannot be the person who finally checks the translation (the editor) and the final proof-reader must also be a different person to the editor and translator. 

CTS implements a careful selection process for the assignments of high quality Translators and Proof-readers with expert knowledge in the specified subject.

Our company has an extensive database of over 500 active and regularly used Translators and our Proof-readers in over 100 languages. Such translators are normally members of The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)  or represent qualified specialists  with a certain number of years’ experience or particular qualifications.

Our services are provided  based on 24/7 principle which guarantees the availability of Translators at all times of the day in all languages, always to the same high standard regardless of time zone. 

Besides our own translator we contract external Translators based in Ireland or abroad.

CTS’s procedures for managing any translation order are the same whether the Translation is performed in-house or by one of the contractors. If a project requires the use of several Translators, the Translation Project Manager assigned to that job is responsible for the efficient co-ordination of the team of Translators. In each case, a database of terminology is built up and provided to the relevant Translators to ensure consistency throughout the project. On completion, the translation is further consolidated by the proofreading process.

No matter how large the project, we strive to meet the requested deadline every time, finding alternative solutions and ensuring that the quality of the work is always up to standard. A dedicated Project Manager for each project is assigned by CTS to ensure the efficient liaison with the client and to oversee the quality of the translations on an on-going basis. CTS ensure that the Quality Assurance process is implemented at all times and the completion of the translation order is carried out within the pre-determined deadlines.

·      For the list ofthe specific requirements to our Translators, Editors, Proof-readers and Project Managers see document  Description of the company’s test for translator/interpreter competence

The system implemented by our company provides permanent and consistent quality control over all our projects, whether small, medium or large regardless of content. The quality control was developed by us and is based on a thorough research across the industry. Both the quality control & monitoring processes are carried out systematically.

Quality control checks and procedures:

Our company undertakes the following quality-checking procedures:

- In-house quality checks 
- Grammar and layout checks and proofreading
- Independent review
- Localisation
- Checks of target text against source text for completeness and accuracy
- Translator compliance – correct use of glossaries, deadlines met, and jobs completed in full

For the specific requirements applied to our quality control procedures, see the documentDescription of the company’s internal quality control process

Data security 

Our company is using a specially designed and tailor-made software tool to allow Online Translation Management, including CRM system– a cutting-edge technology specifically developed for the translation industry. 

This translation management system (TMS) controls and manages project process workflows for order and vendor management, translation and localisation process, proofreading and editing, invoicing, job scheduling and data security. This is an invaluable tool which allows our customers to use their own unique login and password to view all of their customer activity. Clients can log in, place a quote request and approve it all via the online tool. Documents can be securely uploaded and downloaded without having to send confidential and secure data via email.

The software is not Cloud-based, which is hugely important as we are bound by the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. All of the data is securely stored on our server. Our software contains integrated modules for quality assurance, online communication and administration of all processes. It is user-friendly and is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning that it is available 24/7 from any internet browser.

Confidentiality & Security

We are committed to earning the trust of all agents with whom we collaborate, whether they are our clients, staff, the communities where we live and work, Government bodies, or any other individuals or organisations for whom we provide translation services. Our employees and linguists must abide by the guidelines of our very own code of ethics.

We ensure the protection of sensitive information and comply with all legal requirements on disclosure of information.

We therefore commit, on behalf of our linguists, to treat all information obtained during the work under this contract as private and confidential, and not to reveal personal, technical, legal, financial or any type of information entrusted to us. The information received will not be used for personal gain by our linguists as, according to the work and non-disclosure agreements we sign with them, they are legally liable for any breach of confidentiality.

This is why we require that all parties involved in the process sign a non-disclosure agreement. Ultimately, all documents the client provides to us, or resulting from instructions to ourselves, belong to the client and we commit to hand them over exclusively to the client and dispose securely and immediately of any possible hard copies and electronic files related to the work provided. 

Absolute impartiality will be kept by all parties involved in the provision of services. This is another obligation ensured by our comprehensive Employment Contract, Code of Ethics and our Staff Hand Book.



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