Certified Translations for Irish Courts

Certified Translations for Irish Courts

Do you need to get a document translated and use it in an Irish Court? can offer you this service in no time.

Why choosing to get your documents translated?, as the name suggests, is a fully certified company in Ireland, meaning that our translations are certified and are, in most cases, acknowledged by many institutions across the country without any further legalisation.

However, there is one case in particular where translations need further legalisation in order to be properly acknowledged: translations used in Irish Courts.

Affidavit of translation

In general, the Irish Courts will require you to have your translated documents verified in order to be fully accepted.

Therefore, the Courts will require an affidavit of translation sworn before a Commissioner for Oaths in order for the translated document to be properly acknowledged.

How to obtain an affidavit of translation can meet this requirement by providing such sworn affidavit alongside the translation of your documents. works together with recognised Commissioners for Oaths that will verify and sign the affidavits of translation.

Once the translated documents and the affidavit are ready, they will able to be properly used in any Court.

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