Certifying and Notarizing Documents and Translation for Use in USA in Dublin and Cork

Certifying and Notarizing Documents and Translation for Use in USA in Dublin and Cork

When travelling or residing in the US, you will need to have your foreign documents notarized and translated into English so that the authorities can accept and review them. provides certified translations for use in the USA. A certified translation is the official translation of documents such as marriage, birth and divorce certificates. Your translated documents must be certified to be submitted to the official authorities.

Certification and notarization of official documents for use in the USA

In this age of globalization, more people are making decisions to live and work abroad, especially in the US. The process of moving to the US is a long one and there are many steps you need to take, starting from applying for a visa, to handing in your personal translated documents. Notarising documents speeds up the legalisation and certification process the authorities go through when issuing a Visa. In the academic world, the notarisation of educational qualification such as degrees or master’s certificates is required.

Certification of translated documents for use in the USA

After the documents are verified by the respected authorities in Ireland, we will be able to notarise them at our offices in Dublin and Cork. We stamp the documents with a notary certificate, confirming that they have been translated by an accredited institution. After validating them, we seal or sign them and attach the notarised document or certificate to a copy of your degree. We make sure to prepare your documents properly and have them notarised as soon as possible.

Notarisation of translated documents for use in the USA

You may require a notarised translation of your documents done in a different language. Notarised translations are particularly used for document with regards to court proceedings or administration purposes. A notarised document is more formal than a certified one. Our translators issue credited notarised translations. Our team is always ready to offer all translation, certification and notarisation of your documents for use in the US at our offices in Dublin and Cork.

Why choose to translate your documents for use in the USA

Whether you require an official translation or notary services, we have the expertise and experience to guarantee the most qualitative, fast and cost-effective services. At our agency, we understand that every client has different needs and demands regarding the translation of his documents. That’s why we are aware that depending on your documents, translation requirements and circumstances of your project, your translation may require additional levels of certification to be approved by certain authorities. Our expert team will work alongside you, in order to perfectly cater for your needs.


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