Contract Translation

Our translation agency has years of experience in legal translation services;
with contract translation being one of
the most popular services.

Over the years we have established links and professional relationships with experts in contract translations who will translate your contract to the best professional and legal standards.

At present, cities in the world have become more and more diverse with people coming from all over the world taking up employment in them. Many of these new employees come from different cultures and speak a wide range of languages. It is thus necessary for the HR departmentsof companies to ensure the accuracy of the information presented to both the employer and the potential employee in the language each understands.

Contract translation can be time-consuming and requires knowledge of special terminology. Legal translation in particular requires high attention to detail. As some contracts can be up to 20 pages long, the translator ensures that the text and most importantly its layout and meaning is consistent throughout the document from the first sentence to the final line.

It is of vital importance that every detail is translated accurately as a contract involves two or more parties legally agreeing to the content that it contains. We can guarantee that all our contract translations are accurate and that they reflect the legal aspect of the original document.


    A particular emphasis is made on legal terminology. For example, while there is standard legal terminology within the EU often applicable to all area-specific documents within the EU, translation of contracts from outside of the EU requires specific knowledge and expertise, which our professional translators are able to provide you with.

    We always strive to achieve precision in every order placed with us. Companies we work with trust our team of highly qualified and experienced translators to deliver top-class accurate translations of any contract, irrespective of length and complexity. Many of our translators have worked previously in Law or have years of experience in the translation of complex legal documents. When you choose to work with us, you are guaranteed to receive the most efficient, professional and quality translation services.

    Should you have further questions or should you wish to discuss your order and receive a quote, all free of charge, please feel free to contact us by email, over the phone or by calling into our office.



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