Corporate Translation Services

We offer a wide range of multi-lingual translation services, all carried
out on a strictly confidential basis, of
documents such as

…and many others!

Technical Translation Expertise

Corporate and business documents normally require an additional level of technical expertise and knowledge. Our language specialists have requisite professional linguistic experience to translate the most technical and industry-specific letters, business contracts, employment contracts, corporate documents on national or international industry or trade, paying attention to the legal aspects of the language and the respective country of origin of the document and the authorities or private individuals the documents are intended for.

We appreciate that our corporate clients require quick turnaround on most orders and we shall happily accommodate their requirements, irrespective of the language the document is to be translated from or into.


    Corporate Discounts

    Our corporate clients can avail of special discounts, depending on the type of translation service, document certification and localization, complexity of the language or volume of documents. We shall happily discuss your requirements and suggest the most suitable and cost-effective translation solution for each order. Corporate clients can set up a special account with us for multiple orders and avail of additional discounts this way.

    Document Legalisations

    For all corporate orders we additionally offer legalisation of documents, certified translation or notarised translation. We can translate and certify any document that you require to be used in any country. Prior to that we can analyse and prepare your documents in accordance with legal requirements of authorities the document has to be submitted to. We can also advise on the most effective and appropriate certification in each case for any order you place with us, depending on whether you require: a notary, solicitor or translator certification of a true copy of the original, Apostille, etc.

    We offer three types of certification:

    For further details on each of the types, please see our Certified Translation section

    To get a free quote and find out what type of translation and localization solution you require, please contact us by phone, e-mail, Skype or via live chat through our website. A member of our team will discuss your needs and requirements in each case. For this you can send us a scanned copy of the document you wish to be translated by e-mail or fax and we can begin the translation process with you.



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