Diploma Translations in Cork and Dublin

Diploma Translations in Cork and Dublin

Are you looking for a professional and accurate translation of your diploma? If you decided to study or work in Ireland, you will most likely need an official translation of your diploma into English. We are a professional translation and legalisation company with offices in Cork and Dublin and we provide educational and certified translations which are accurate, efficient and affordable. Our translation company is recognised by The National Qualifications Recognition Authority of Ireland. As a corporate member of translation associations ITI and ATA our certified translations are widely accepted in all countries including Ireland, UK and EU. So if you want to make sure that a translation of your diploma will not be refused by a university or Irish authority, then place your order with Docsbase today!

Educational translations in Cork and Dublin

Docsbase has been providing educational translations for customers based in Cork and Dublin for many years. Translations of educational documents must represent the original perfectly. We translate everything including stamps, seals, logos, signatures and any handwritten information on the document making sure that it reflects the original genuinely. Another crucial feature is the formatting. We always make sure that the translation is formatted in a way so that it mirrors the original thoroughly. You don’t pay any additional fees for formatting as we believe it is a part of the translation. What kind of educational documents do we translate? We can translate any education document such as diplomas, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree certificates, Academic transcripts, secondary school certificates, Grade Reports and other more. Docsbase provides educational translations in a vast array of languages. Among our most popular languages are English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian and Polish. We provide translations from and into all of these languages and many more. Please have a look at our website for a complete list.

Certified translations of diplomas into English in Cork and Dublin

In order to get a certified translation of your diploma or a degree certificate please e-mail us a scan or a picture of your document. A member of our project management team will send you a quote within a few minutes. If you are happy with the quote and decide to proceed your certified translation will be ready within one to two business days.

If you would like to place your order with Docsbase in Cork or Dublin, please get in touch with us using the contact details below. For more information and an overview of our services please visit our website Contact us for an instant free quote on: GET A QUOTE. Tel.: +353 1 968 2499; E-mail: Address: Certified Translation Services, Second Floor, 33 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1, D01X4P1 32 Grand Parade, Cork.


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