Document Legalization for Canadian Documents in Dublin

Get your Canadian documents legalized for use abroad without having to go to Canada!

Do you have documents that were issued in Ottawa or somewhere in Ontario? We can help! Ontario Legalization is required by many Consulates to ensure acceptance of Canadian documents abroad. We also provide Federal Legalization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada (DFAIT), Ontario Legalization, Notary Public Services and Embassy Authentication. With our offices in Ottawa and Dublin (Ireland) we can provide you with the best possible service to assist with your document legalization needs.

You can drop your document into our office in Dublin and it can be collected from our Canadian office in Ottawa upon completion and vice versa. We are the only agency with the reach to provide this service.


We only work with the best linguists around the world, ensuring 100% quality and unbeatable completion time

Embassy Authentication in Canada

Canada is not part of The Hague Convention, which means that an Apostille is not an option for authenticating documents for use abroad. Instead, you must get Embassy Authentication. This can be a difficult process, but we are here to make it a simple one. Because authentication is different for every country, we will find out what is required for the country you intend to use the document in. One thing is certain, you will first have to get your documents legalized through the Canadian DFAIT, as we mentioned previously. After that is done, we can help prepare your documents to meet the requirements set by the destination country. Generally, Canadian embassy legalization costs €125 plus taxes and shipping, but pricing may change depending on the destination country.

We constantly update our information to reflect any new changes that consulates, both here in Ontario and all over the world, implement. We can, therefore, offer great peace of mind by ensuring a reliable, confidential and on-time service for both private and corporate clients here in Ottawa and all over Ontario and Canada.

Document Legalization of Canadian Documents in Dublin

Document legalization can be a very time consuming and complex procedure for someone that is doing it for the first time. Our specialist here in Ottawa Ontario has years of experience in dealing with the consulates of most major countries. Ontario Federal legalisation is one of the more sophisticated services – to successfully apply the correct legalization, it is necessary to know a lot of the subtleties of document formation, which can differ from country to country, from the type of document, their content and other factors.

Thanks to countless years of experience and knowledge obtained, we can rightly say that we are the most competent and professional providers of these services. We offer services to people, organizations, and businesses that have documents for official use abroad or for those who seek to use foreign documents locally. We provide our services at the most affordable prices and with the quickest completion times.

Notary and Translation Services in Ottawa, Canada and Dublin, Ireland

What we are best known for is our translation service. We provide certified translations at the most affordable prices in Ireland and Canada. Our offices share a network of in-house translators that are highly trained in their particular areas of expertise. We also offer Notary Public services in Canada. Prices for our Notary service €35 per document plus taxes and shipping. Any additional document is an additional €15.

Contact our office today to learn more about what we can do for you. Remember, we provide non-binding, free quotes to better inform our customers about all of our services.

Our fees:

  • Document Legalization in Ontario ODS: €120. Each consecutive document within the same order is €45.
  • Official certified translation: From €30 per document
  • Notary services: €35 per document. Additional documents are €15.



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