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In order for an application for dual-citizenship to be made by a citizen of Ireland in another country, apostille certification is needed for the processing of the application. An apostille stamp is necessary in order for international government agencies or official service providers in other countries to recognise the authenticity of official documents before they can continue in the processing of your application to a variety of things – including passport application, citizenship application, divorce and marriage in a country outside of Ireland etc. When you choose to use our services we can provide you with a fast-track apostille certification service that will ensure your documents are accepted in the country to which you are applying.

Applying for Dual-Citizenship with Apostille Certification

Here at in Dublin City Centre, we have particular experience in the processing of the passport applications of the children of migrants to Ireland who wish for them to also have a passport for their own country of origin. In particular we are fully knowledgeable in the processing of applications for dual citizenship and dual passports for children with parents who are citizens of Lithuania, Poland, and other Eastern European countries.


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If your child was born in Ireland, but you would like them to also hold a passport issued by your country of origin, one of the documents that would need to be apostilled in order to be recognised by government authorities would be their Irish Birth Certificate. Here at we are able to organise this certification process for you. We can ensure that you have all the relevant and necessary certified documentation in order to complete the application process.

Apostille Certification Customer Service Dublin

The passport and citizenship application processes can be complicated when dealing with government agencies and bureaucracy of different countries. If you have any questions regarding what documents are required in order to fulfil the application for the dual-passport of your children who were born in Ireland, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are available to answer any queries you may have either over the phone, by email or in person in our city centre office here in Dublin.



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