Interview Transcripts

Interview Transcripts

If you need to  transcribe an Interview, our quick, professional, cost effective and user friendly service will convert your audio or video interview into a text as per your requirements. 

We understand the importance of quality when transferring the data from the spoken interview content ( structured, unstructured, or narrative interviews) to written text for further analysis.

Our business interview and academic transcription service has a multi-lingual team of specialists from various fields and backgrounds who  will transcribe an interview efficiently , quickly and with the highest possible level of accuracy. We use professional transcriptionists to maximize quality and apply a system of review and quality checks to ensure accuracy.

Our expertise varies from one-to-one conversation to multiple speakers’ interviews, with the difficult audio recording, specialised terminology or various accents within the wide ranges of  topics from business professional interview to patient related outcomes.

Below are the examples of types of Interviews we can transcribe for you:

  • Recruitment process interviews

  • Author Interview

  • Radio Interviews

  • Academic Interviews

  • Journalistic Interview

  • Consumer or client related Interviews

  • Disciplinary or HR interviews

  • Therapy sessions

  • And many more

Podcasts Transcripts

Transcribe your podcast  with us for future reference to cater your fans and a wider audience. We will find a solution which  reflects your specific needs – your  audio podcast can be captured in a written format, providing all the necessary details of each part or episode, programme or event. Podcast audio speech will be converted into a text for further online reading. 

It can be done as is with utterances and sound effects or edited into a “clean” read  with correct grammar and easy- to- read format. 

Our fast and cost-effective services will suit any podcaster who intends to improve their search rankings and  increase the number of downloads. A balanced mix of advanced speech technology and expert human transcribers will ensure the highest quality of your  podcasts  transcriptions in tailor-made approach which will accommodate all your specific requests and preferences. 

Transcripts of Lectures

Video and audio recording of  lectures supplies educational centres with a useful learning tools and resources which can be provided off campus and on request. It gives uncountable advantages for distance learning, accessibility, revision and re-use of materials. It is now common practice to store lectures on institutions’ servers or remotely. 

Nowadays text transcripts of the lectures become a necessity making education more inclusive, accommodating Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities, people with auditory processing difficulties and non-native speakers or students for whom attending live lecture is not an option.

Lecture transcription is increasingly one of the most in demand services provided  by us  to Universities, colleges, schools and other education institutions. We transcribe lectures delivered by professors, teachers, lecturers at classrooms and school audiences halls, in real-time or non-real time modes. 

Real-time transcription is done in live mode, as the lecture progresses. The live recording of the lecture, the timing of lecture etc. need to be provided in advance. 

Pre-recorded lectures are transcribed in non-real time mode from the  audio or video recording file.

We ensure total accuracy when it comes to transcribing lectures. All the transcripts are double-checked by our proof-readers, submitted recordings are secure and GDPR compliant.




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