Irish Passport Application: translation of private documents

Irish Passport Application: translation  of private documents

If you apply for  Irish passport, you have to submit all documents in their original format:

  • Full civil birth certificate, (version that includes the name(s) of the parent(s).

  • Civil marriage certificate if applying in your married name.

  • Naturalisation Certificate.

  • Proof of address

  • Original of passport from country of birth (if available).

  • Copy of your Public Services Card if resident in Ireland etc.

If your documents are not in English or Irish, you have to provide  a notarised or certified English translation. Certified translations are required for all documents, such as  birth, marriage or civil partnership certificates etc., which are not in English or Irish and which are not accompanied by a European Union multilingual standard form.

Irish passports are issued by the Passport Office, a division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Starting from January 2020 Passport office applies a requisite of certification for the translations of documents needed for the passport application which means they  have to be done by  professional translators or companies registered with professional body.

Besides standard requirement of official tax registration from revenue (tax office) and company registration, the translation agency has to be a professional member of the official organisation of interpreters and translators.  In other words, such professional membership is a mark of quality-managed translation services. It defines the high standard of service that the translation agency guarantees to their clients. It has a solid reputation and its services are accepted by the official institutions.

Our company is

  • Fully registered

  • Fully certified

  • Fully accredited

  • Professional Member of official Association of interpreters and translators

  • PII insured

We provide translation services to various Irish official institutions and our translations are accepted by Irish authorities, official organisations and businesses.

We follow the European  guidelines and requirements for translation certification by ensuring the high level of accuracy and precision.

Our company is a Professional Member of such internationally recognised organisation as the Association of Translation Companies, ATC ( ). Its associated and professional members are the best compliant language and translation providers both in United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Our professional activities are fully insured . As a Practising Certificate holders  we comply with chapter 7 of the Public Practice Regulations and ensure that the services we provide are covered by our company’s PII policy.

As a registered official translation company we have 100 % guarantee with Irish Passport office that our certified translation are accepted.



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